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What is AHSCD
Africa Will Not Be Left Behind

The ahscd project is an effort to help bridge the information and technology gap between Africa and the rest of the world, by providing computers and computer software to African high schools. Through volunteerism and sponsors, we hope to provide within the next 24 months, over 5,000 computers and computer softwares to hundreds of high schools across the continent.

The process is very simple, our volunteers( including you -we hope) individually or in groups will solicite use or new computers in their neighborhood(offices, companies and educational institutions). This process will not end there. They will be involved in donating these computers to high schools on the continents. For example, if volunteer A(or a group) is able to solivite 25 computers. In conjuctions with our sponsors and using a list of high schools in our programs(we are also soliciting registration and participation from High schools across the continent), the volunteers will be encouraged to be involved in the donation ceremony in the specific high school on the continent. We are also calling on corporate sponsorship and participation in the shipping and donation of the computers.

If you want to make a difference, we invite you to send a letter, with your name and address and telephone number to : The Executive-Director, Council For Africanaffairs. Box 282. Teaneck Nj 07666. USA.

The Council For Africanaffairs is a co-sponsor of this program. A non-profit reaearch and educational foundation on African affairs. The Council is helping to coordinate this project.

Please send us an email at the AHSCD Project, indicating if you are volunteering alone or with a group of people. Indicate also your localty and whether you will be interested in helping with the donation ceremony.

Nominate an High School:

We invite nomination and registration from high schools across the continent. Please send us an email indicating the name and address of the high school and the contact person. Provide also a brief information about the use of computer in the high school at this present moment and your computer needs. Also indicate if there is anybody with computer skills in your high school and the level of such a skill.

Thank you.

How can you help ?

Individually or with a group of friends and co-workers, help us solicite used or new computers and computer software in your neighborhood. You can also help by sponsoring the delivery of these computers to high schools in Africa by donating toward shipping through the Council For African affairs. Box 541. Sciota, PA 18354. Atten: High School Computer Drive

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