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One of the most acclaimed musicals of the past decade, Wicked has become a cultural phenomenon. The show, influenced by L. Frank Baum''s ''''Wonderful Wizard of Oz'''' and Gregory Maguire''s ''''Wicked,'''' explores the magical and riveting journey of two destined witches. Hailed as the ''''musical of the decade,'''' Wicked has been performed all over the world breaking box office records and winning several prestigious awards including Grammy Award, Tony Awards and Drama Desks. The Wicked Portland event will once again allow the audience to indulge in the mystical world. By acquiring Wicked Portland tickets, the audience can witness the longest running Broadway shows for an enthralling journey.

Come the local derby against Levante UD, Valencia CF fans will convert the 55,000-capacity Mastella Stadium into an impregnable intimidating fortress. The soccer stadium at Avenida Suecia, Valencia, Spain is one of European folklore''s most-storied arenas. Characteristic steep terraces make opposition players quail from the unrelenting banter. Valencia CF moved to the then 17,000-seater arena in 1923 from Algiros. It has since withstood the Civil War (when it was used as concentration camp), 1957''s flood, and an unpopular 70s name change to emerge unscathed. Fans with Mastella Stadium tickets will enjoy La Liga''s third-placed team attempt to recapture the form of Kempes and Gorostiza who once graced the hallowed turf.

The super entertaining boy band that became a part of the music scene in the early 60s will be performing live in Tucson! Are you ready for the Beach Boys Tucson concert! The boys have released thirty studio albums till date out of which almost 82 singles have been ranked at fair spots on a variety of song charts around the world. Some of the band''s gold certified albums are ''15 Big Ones'', ''Good Vibrations: Thirty Years of The Beach Boys'' and ''Spirit of America''. Vocalist, Brian Wilson is surely going to treat you to a great time with his insightful lyrics. Grab your Beach Boys Tucson tickets today!

Hannover is about to enjoy a live Coldplay concert! Throughout its career, the band has won numerous notable awards for different categories. They've taken away Junos, Brits, NMEs and a number of Grammy Awards till date. To be exact, Coldplay has won 45 awards out of 128 nominations. Like always, the upcoming Coldplay Hannover concert is also going to be a big one. The signature guitar riffs, unstoppable drumming notes and amazing vocals are just a few tickets away from you. Start telling all your friends and loved ones about this mammoth event and grab your Coldplay Hannover tickets straight away!

Brad Paisley Concert is going to be a lot of fun as the artist croons to the audience and rocks them off their feet. He is a multi-award winner singer whose main appeal lies in his ability to wrap up the age old country music is a package of Southern Rock. His albums have done immensely well. Nineteen of his songs have topped the Billboards charts. They include "He Didn't Have to Be”, "Mud on the Tires", "Ticks", "Start a Band" and “Old Alabama”. Thus you can be assured that Brad Paisley Concert 2012 Tickets are going to be a great source of entertainment.