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Soccer may not be as big in the US as it is in Europe and South America but the country is still full of soccer enthusiasts who follow their favorite teams vigorously. Whether it is the pre-season friendly matches that bring international legends such as Manchester United and Barcelona to the states or it is the Major League Soccer competition that includes teams like LA Galaxy and has had players like Henry and David Beckham play for them. If you are a soccer fan and want to catch the best soccer action make sure to get your Cheap US Mens Soccer Tickets .

Phil Stanton, Chris Wink and Matt Goldman presented a unique idea of a live performance in 1987 that gained fame and was labeled as the BM Group. Blue Man Group is a unique organization that presents a number of different shows that include different performances based on comedy, music, theater, film and television. The show is performed by a trio of bald men wearing black apparel and blue paint all over their bodies. At the end of the show, the men in blue give “smudge” of autographs to their audience too. If you wish to attend their live show, BM Group Concert In Atlantic City is coming soon!