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If you are bored with the usual dance performances and groups then give yourself a break! Starting off in Brighton UK Stomp is an unconventional dance troupe that makes use of body and common objects to enthrall its audience. The name of the troupe takes its cue from the tribal dance where the body is fully involved in a rhythm with objects and developed from The Yes/No People a London band. The troupe currently plays in New York as well as London's West End. Stomp has won several awards including for best choreography for Unique Theatre Experience and other. You definitely do not want to miss this show so get Cheap Stomp Tickets and entertain yourself.

Winning 3 Tony Awards out of the eleven remarkable nominations in 2010, Fela! Came out on Broadway in 2009 after enjoying its share of a successful run as off-Broadway production. And now, with all the magnificence that it could posses, this musical is coming to Los Angeles and Fela! Los Angeles is going to be a brilliant entertainment opportunity. Fela! Los Angeles Tickets are the tickets to watch the tale of Fela Kuti's exceptional life. Be quick in booking your seats at the Ahmanson Theater to watch the life and times of this Nigerian singer who stood the trials of time and became a groundbreaking legendary singer in spite of all the opposition.