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Message from our President & CEO:

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The mission of AfricaPoliticsOnline.com is to be the resource on African politics on the internet. Our sole objective is to provide timely and complete information and data on African politics in such a manner as to enhance the understanding and research on African body politic. We hope to provide and create access to all pertinent information, based on different perspectives in such a manner as to enrich the understanding of African politics. Our goal is to bring together from different , authentic and reliable sources , all information , so as to serve as the tool for African politics. As the source of data on African politics, we shall be contributing to a better understanding and the study of the African society.

Bamidele A Ojo, PhD

AfricaPoliticsOnline.com is a service of Mosbam Corporations, a Stroudsburg, PA based S-corporations. Mosbam Corporations provide services in the communications and hospitality industries.

Management: The President and CEO , Dr Bamidele A Ojo is an africanist and teach African politics, comparative and international politics, at Fairleigh Dickinson University in Teaneck, Nj. USA. He is a tenured Professor of Political Science at the School of Political & International Studies. Dr Ojo has published extensively in the area of African politics( including, Nigeria, Namibia and South Africa), globalization, human rights and international law. He is the author of Human Rights In a New World Order: Universality, Acceptability and Human Diversity (1997). He has written several articles and edited several volumes including , Nigeria's Third Republic:The Problem and Prospect Of Political Transition To Civil Rule(1998), Contemporary African Politics: A Comparative Study of Political Transition To Democratic Legitimacy(1999), Problems and Prospect of Sustaining Democracy In Nigeria (2001) Current research include, Globalization: In Context And Viewed From Below, The State and Ethnic Conflict In Contemporary Africa and SWAPO And The Independence Of Namibia. He received his BS in Political Science and MSc in International Relations from the University of Ife(Nigeria), Mphil in African Studies and PhD in Political Science from the University of Bordeaux 1(France), LLM in International Law from the University of Nottingham(England), DIHL International Humanitarian Law , from Wegimont(BRC/ICRC, Belgium) and other advance degrees. He has also received several awards and honors. He is the Vice President of Mosbam Corporations and President of Platinum Hospitality Services of Mosbam Corporations. He is also the executive-director of the Council For Africanaffairs- a non-profit research and educational foundation on African affairs .Dr Ojo was a Fulbright scholar in teaching and research for 2001 and 2002 at the University of lagos in Nigeria. He is also a web designer and manager.He ran for the governorship of Ekiti state in 2002 and 2006 respectively as an aspirant under the ruling party(PDP) in Nigeria.

Other members of the team include, the Vice President, Manager Of Customer Relations, Human Resource Manager, Computer Programers and Engineers, Scholars and Educators with expertise on African politics.

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